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Friendly Use

The system can be configured as a self-contained POE network , makes the system wiring works extremely simple

Powerful and Reliable

Marks another milestone in the development of queue management system (QMS) technology. The new system has incorporated enhancements in several areas.

Hardware Less

No need to install any hardware and no any network installation, Using high-end technology mobile App and mobile browser.

QMS Solutions

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Queue Managment System

System monitoring, reporting, maintenance and control can be performed remotely via standard web browser. No software installation is needed. Future software upgrade is easier as it only involves the main system controller. Web interface also offers ease of use and shorter learning time.

Digital Signage

The superb image quality and affordability of large LCD/LED panel has popularized the deployment of digital signage display in many areas and also integrated with QMS.


Customer Feedback System

The innovative ICT features advanced LCD multimedia panel with touch screen to inform, advertise, and measure customer satisfaction. In a competitive marketplace, effective advertisement and customer satisfaction measurement are two key elements of business strategy.

An Interface For Lifestyle

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Modern queue management solutions from GMS go beyond providing greater comfort for the customers as they wait: they also allow the managers to easily collate and view information such as customer arrival patterns and real-time queue status for the various different banking services.


In line with the drive by the government to offer a better quality of service to the general public, many establishments recognize the role of queuing system as an invaluable and in some cases imperative tool towards such objective


The process of patient flow is often complicated and requires directing the patient to appropriate consultation and service rooms, as well as tracking the patients’ records for payment and dispensing purposes.


Commercial and business establishments often have to cope with heavy load of customers coming for payments or enquiry services. Telecommunications and utilities companies are two such examples.