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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as we are the Agent for the Malaysian Manufacture GMS (General Microsystems Sdn Bhd) of QMS brand in Egypt

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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as we are the Agent for the Malaysian Manufacture GMS (General Microsystems Sdn Bhd) of QMS brand in Egypt the specialist in queue technology since 1981 and the leader of Malaysian manufacturer of unique queue and customer service systems for the entire banking sector, ISO 9001 certified since 2004, QMS brand products was awarded Business Superbrand in 2006 and green products.

We're dedicated to offer very best QMS brand products, with a focus on the best product quality, reliability, stability of business management tools and high performance by our high experienced team. After sales services quality is also our aim as our customers are being our partners through purchased products as well. We hope you interested in our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. Web and mobile apps developement are our business scope.


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  • 01 FINANCE

          Modern queue management solutions from GMS go beyond providing greater comfort for the customers as they wait: they also allow the managers to easily collate and view information such as customer arrival patterns and real-time queue status for the various different banking services. Thus QMS enables the bank - whether head office or branch - to react dynamically to the information gathered, such as by opening sufficient service counters at peak times indicated by system-generated reports. The continual gathering of information also helps to improve teller productivity and allows for future planning based on statistical and management reports.

  •       Government and statutory establishments have been providing services to the general public over the counters for a long time. Many such establishments are amongst the earliest to implement queuing systems to provide a more orderly and comfortable atmosphere. In line with the drive by the government to offer a better quality of service to the general public, many establishments recognize the role of queuing system as an invaluable and in some cases imperative tool towards such objective.

  •       There is quite simply no way to avoid queues of patients in establishments like clinics and private medical practitioners. It is impossible to expect patients to stand in queue for a long time, but the queues must still be maintained and if possible monitored. In larger establishments like polyclinics or hospitals, there exists a need to organize patient flow from one queue to another, from registration to consultation and finally the cashier and pharmacy. The process of patient flow is often complicated and requires directing the patient to appropriate consultation and service rooms, as well as tracking the patients’ records for payment and dispensing purposes. The unique requirements of the healthcare industry are well understood by GMS, and we have developed a range of systems suitable for establishments of varying size and complexity.

  •       Queuemanagement allows us to solve real life problems resulting from congestion and limited resources. While many situations require only common sense solutions, others call for complex solutions. And very often, you know your problems and requirements better than anybody else. GMS has developed range of sophisticated queue management systems in close collaboration with our clients.

  •       Commercial and business establishments often have to cope with heavy load of customers coming for payments or enquiry services. Telecommunications and utilities companies are two such examples. These establishments and many others have found QMS an invaluable facility in serving customers at their payment and enquiry counters. The list below shows some of our customers in commercial sector.

    1. Airlines Offices
    2. Airport Cargo Counters
    3. Automobile Service Centres
    4. Concert Hall Ticket Office
    5. Consumer Electronics Service Centres
    6. Credit Card Centres
    7. Direct Sale Companies
    8. Electricity and Power Companies
    9. Fast Food Outlets
    10. Hotels and Casinos
    11. Housing Development Boards
    12. Housing Developers
    13. Insurance Companies
    14. Restaurants
    15. Securities Companies and Stock Exchange
    16. Telecommunications Companies

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